iPhone Data Recovery

Prolab Tech Works have extensive experience performing iPhone data retrieval on devices that have suffered common and catastrophic data loss. We can successfully perform iPhone data recovery and iPhone file recovery on the Solid State Drives and flash media found in these portable storage devices and recover iPhone data that others might deem lost forever.


Prolab Techworks Solutions PLC was established in May 2008 under the name of Prolab Data Care Ethiopia, providing data recovery service to its customers, and after a merger with Tera-Byte Computers, which was in the IT hardware maintenance business, was reestablished under its current name in 2011. The rationale for the merger was that data recovery and hard ware maintenance service in one center would offer customers an integrated unique, cost effective approach to the management of IT problems, that is not available in other local IT companies. But providing high quality and reliable data recovery service remains the core professional service provided by Prolab.

  • The potential for data loss is ever present and is never a pleasant experience. But we at Prolab Tech Works Solutions are committed to doing all we can to ease the pain. We like to listen to your problems and are always ready ro meet your urgent requirements. When visit you labs we will ask you about the events and circumstances leading to your data loss and will advise you of your immediate recovery options. You will be required to fill in a...

  • Data can be lost for a number of reasons. The largest contributing factors to data loss are: hardware or system malfunction and human error, which in total account for almost 75% of all data loss incidents. Software corruption, computer viruses and natural disasters, such as fire and water damage accounts for the rest. Whether you data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus infections, system malfunctions, accidental...


  • Very efficient and professional service. 

    Antonio Fiorenete - Photographer
  • I am really pleased with the excellent services I was rendered by Prolab.

  • Prolab's staff are helpful, fast and efficient. We were kept informed every step of the process.

    The Carter Center Ethiopia